Help with the App


Getting started

When you start the app for the first time, you will find notice the list of locations has one entry ‘My Places’. You can either leave this as it is or customise it by touching the ‘Disclosure’ button on the right and editing the name. You can also add a description and image if you wish. All fields are optional except for the name.

Adding Locations

You will notice that the initial location ‘My Places’ has a plus symbol to its left, this indicates that sub-locations are yet to be added to this location. By touching the ‘Add Location’ button at the bottom of the list, a new popup box will appear to allow you to enter the location. Once a location has a sub-location the symbol to the left will change from the plus symbol to either  right arrow or a down arrow.      

Expanding Locations

The right arrow symbol means that the location has sub-locations hidden from view. Touch the symbol to reveal these locations. Once the location has revealed its sub-locations the symbol will change to the down arrow. 


Hiding Locations

Touching the down arrow symbol will hide the contents of this sub-location.

This system is designed to ease navigation around the list of locations once you have entered more than a few locations.

Make sure that when you add a sub-location that you select the appropriate parent location for it to be in. This is shown by the location being highlighted in grey.

Selecting a Location

On an iPhone or iPod Touch you select a location by touching the name of the location anywhere between the symbol to its left and the disclosure button to its right, this automatically takes you to a display of that location’s contents. If you were selecting it to add a new location then simply press the back button.

On an iPad, whenever you select a location the contents of that location are displayed in the split screen to the right of the display.

Adding Items

Once your locations have been added you can start to log items as in specific ones. Select the location that the items are stored in and below the items displayed you will see the ‘Add Item’ button. Touch this to be presented with the pop up dialog box where you can enter the name, description, quantity and image of the item. All fields are optional except for the name

Deleting Locations

To delete a location first make sure the location is highlighted/selected on the locations list. Then simply touch ‘delete location’ on the lower toolbar. BE CAREFUL, however because deleteing a location will delete that location, its contents, as well as ALL SUB-LOCATIONS AND CONTENTS. This cannot be undone if you haven’t made a backup using the advanced options available with the in app upgrade

Deleting Items

This is simply achieved by touching remove items on the lower toolbar

Editing Locations and Items

Simply select the item or location and touch the disclosure button on the right, then touch the edit option, make your changes then touch the save option

Transferring Data between Devices

If you upgrade to the full version, you have the option to transfer data between your devices and iTunes on your Mac/PC.

In iTunes, select your device, then select apps from the options displayed. There will be a box showing which apps support file sharing, select the findit app and the files available for transfer are shown. Either save them somewhere safe or transfer them from your computer to override the files stored on your device.

  1. 1)    How do I upgrade

Simply touch the upgrade button in the info display, you will be guided through the process. It’s currently less than $2 to upgrade and any money made goes towards adding new features to the app.

  1. 2)    How is my data stored (Location, Item and Image)

Location services are not used, the only information stored is what you enter and it is kept in a sqllite database , images and thumbnails are stored as separate files.

  1. 3)    Can I backup my data and Images

Yes it’s simple to backup if you have upgraded to the enhanced version.

  1. 4)    How do I report a bug

send an email to

  1. 5)    How do I contact you and what support can you offer

If you have upgraded we will do our best to solve any problems for you. If you are a free user, please email your problem to the address above and we will try to fix it before the next release