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Welcome to the FindIt web site

If you don’t already have the app installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then click the download icon on the right to take you to the app store. The app is free for the basic version or for a small fee you can upgrade to the full version.


This app enables you to store details of your items, possessions or other objects you like and to record their location. In its simplest form you can use it to store where you keep your stuff, like that new kite you never use, for instance: is it in the shed, the garage or maybe the attic? You can store a picture of the item alongside detailed information about it, such as the quantity, a brief description and a picture of its location. Another use could be for a workshop using various cupboards, boxes, shelves, cabinets and cabinets with boxes on their shelves containing trays miscellaneous parts. The parts would be the items, the trays would be locations within the cupboards, which could then be separately named within the workshop location. We call these sub-locations. You can have lots of sub-locations and lots of items within them.

Adding and deleting items and locations is easy; for help using the application go to our help page. The app runs on an iPhone and an iPad. With the full version you can transfer the contents from one device to the other via iTunes.


Full Version

    Simple Entry System

    Multiple Locations/Sub-locations can be entered

    Multiple Items in each Location

    ( Note there is no real limit set by the app, this is determined by the amount of available memory and the power of the device)

    Images can be added to Items and Locations using either the camera or existing images


Basic Version

    As for the full version but without the ability to transfer data to other iDevices

    Includes discreet iAd adverts